Valerie Adhesive First Aid Dressing

Antiseptic & Washproof

  • Why Valerie Adhesive First Aid Dressing

Why Valerie Adhesive First Aid Dressing

  • Helpful and important during emergency
  • Helps to cure wounds, injuries, cuts or burns
  • Very convenient to use
  • Comes in a handy box
  • Easy to place at home, car, office or hospitals
  • Medication: The pad is impregnated with Benzalkonium chloride solution IP equivalent to Benzalkonium chloride 0.5% w/w.
  • Good Permeability: Perforations are provided to facilitate better breathing.
  • Good Adhesion
  • Skin Tolerance: The adhesive recipe is suitably formulated to ensure no or minimum skin irritation.
  • Breath able pores for better air flow.
  • Water proof bandages
  • Friendly designs & different colors
  • It has hypoallergenic adhesive which is skin friendly and helps leave no sticky residue

These self adhesive plasters bring a smile on one's face... grab your plaster today... great first aid dressing to chose from different colors to match your mood or dress or both...