Mars Commerce Company Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Mars Commerce Company Pvt Ltd is a new venture of Mars Group.

Mars Commerce Company Pvt Ltd is committed to bring new products & initiatives in Personal Hygiene segment.

We have brought new product Spray & Sit Toilet Seat Sanitiser which brings in new era & opened up a new thought to sanitise the toilet seats before sitting on them as personal hygiene is of utmost importance in shared toilets which is very much ignored as on date.

Our other range compromises of women hygiene which is a growing segment & Valerie Intimate Wash Feminine serves to satisfy in this segment as many women face irritating situations due to problems in Intimate Area & Valerie Intimate Wash Feminine is solution to those irritating moments which does require a well balanced formula made for demanding situations. Valerie Intimate Wash Feminine comes in two fragrances for a choice & in a travel pack of 50ml which is easy to carry anywhere anytime.

We have also launched Valerie Hand Sanitiser for personal hygiene in situations where hand hygiene is of utmost importance & easy available in travel pack of 30 ml. Valerie Hand Sanitiser comes in 5 fragrances for choice.

We wish to be a name to reckon with in Personal Hygiene segment & intend to bring more products in this field to satisfy needs of customers who only demand the BEST.

Our Products